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Gooi en Vechtstreek

The Gooi & Vechtstreek region is strategically located between Amsterdam, Almere, Amersfoort and Utrecht. It offers a highly dynamic and innovative business climate with attractive natural surroundings. Hilversum is known as the media city and digital connectivity plays an important role throughout the region. The Gooi & Vechtstreek region is also characterised by innovative entrepreneurship in relation to health care, sport and tourism. The region is an attractive option for businesses considering establishing themselves at a prime location in the Netherlands, offering an ideal setting for living and working thanks to its natural surroundings, excellent facilities and swift connections within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the nearby regions. The region serves as a set of green lungs – water, heath and woodlands – with diversity in terms of landscape, cultural history and creativity.

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The lush meadows and idyllic waterways just north of Amsterdam hold an industrious surprise. Emerging as the bustling annex to the Amsterdam heartland, Purmerend -with its 80.000 inhabitants- enjoys excellent road, rail, sea and air links to the rest of Europe and beyond, supporting a dynamic economy.

Offering ample cost-effective space for expansion and growth, it is a favourite location for investors seeking to expand their business within the thirty-minute circle around Schiphol, the second largest European hub. The area boasts four successful business parks, with Baanstee Noord under development, a well-educated and motivated workforce and excellent and affordable living conditions.

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Lelystad is connected by road, water and rail to the heart of Amsterdam. Entrepeneurs feel at home with the ‘pioneering’ business-spirit here.

This part of Amsterdam offers a brand new international airport, state of the art and innovative business parks and attractive and affordable homes. All in a green and blue environment. Do you know that this region actually has a real wild life nature park?

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Amsterdam City

This is the vibrant heart of the city, with a thousand monuments on the World Heritage List. Cosmopolitan Amsterdam offers this unique mix of international vibe and laidback cosiness. The compact city: easy to reach, famous for its open atmosphere and genuine hospitality. The home of Rembrandt, van Gogh and Anne Frank now houses two international universities, scores of professional schools, and airport and a seaport.

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A historic city of culture, at 12 minutes by train from inner city Amsterdam, with extensive pedestrian shopping zones and a beach nearby. Haarlem is an attractive town for families with children, as it radiates a more provincial vibe. It is also home to many small high tech companies and start-ups. The white sandy beach stretches out over almost 150 km. All along this coast, travellers will discover miles of boulevards, terraces, shops and restaurants.

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Land, that until 165 years ago, lay submerged is now home to around 145,000 people. Situated between Amsterdam and The Hague, Haarlemmermeer is the beating heart of the Randstad. Comprising 26 communities, each with its own character, it offers ample space for living, enterprise, work and recreation. Due to its central location easy access via road, water and rail, and its proximity to the main airport of Schiphol, 'Airport City' Haarlemmermeer provides excellent advantages as a business location. As an added benefit, there are direct connections from Schiphol Airport to over 322 destinations in 90 countries.

Haarlemmermeer boasts a healthy balance between local, regional, national and international companies. Every business sector can be found here. The business estates and office locations vary immensely in size, character and type of activity. From parks with small-scale, local and regional firms through to Schiphol Logistics Park for large-scale, airport-related activities as well as the revolutionary, sustainable Park 20|20, where ecology and economy go hand-in-hand. In addition, Haarlemmermeer offers a great balance between work, living, and leisure.

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Port of Amsterdam

The port of Amsterdam is one of the world’s key logistics hubs. A gateway to all major European markets and all benefits the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has to offer. The port provides great opportunities for investments in different real estate segments. From fashion and design to heavy industry. All against favourable rates and in
a lucrative environment.

The flexibility in plot sizes and lay outs, building design and execution, permitted business activities and Port of Amsterdam’s supporting services, offers a great atmosphere to create new possibilities. The port of Amsterdam is already the location of choice for companies such as G-Star RAW, GE Aviation, Renault Trucks, Rivièra Maison, NOV Wellbore Technologies, DSV, Starbucks, Kintetsu World Express, and many more.

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As part of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, Almere is located between two international airports and near the Port of Amsterdam. Almere features a multitude of highways, railways (six stations) and waterways.

This makes Almere a prime location for living, to build your own house or for business development and opportunities. Almere has an abundance of space available to accommodate both residential and commercial property investments. It has excellent procedures in place facilitating the licensing or sale of land to set up new businesses or expand established businesses.

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The city of Zaanstad is a part of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The region is functioning as a magnet because of its diverse pallet of different living environments which varies from urban core to rural
periphery. Therefore there is a significant pressure in the housing market. To meet the additional demand for
housing the city of Zaanstad has to build a significant part of the 300.000 new houses which are needed
between now and 2040 in the AMA. We welcome partners to realize these ambitions.

To accommodate this growth:
- New city center of Zaandam: Over a 100 acres, 700 million of investments in a new canal, offices, a cinema,
shops and about 2,000 new houses.
- Amsterdam-ZaanIJ Waterfront: Miles and miles of waterfront connect the river Zaan with the river IJ to
downtown Amsterdam. This is a huge urban development project with numerous historical industrial sites where we develop about 7,000 new housing units.

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