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Add 2.000 elderly homes in Amsterdam for the next five years

Published on 10-07-2020
Bouwinvest, Amvest and Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance will invest in clustered elderly homes in Amsterdam with their own healthcare real estate fund. The ambition is to realize approximately 2,000 homes for the elderly in the next five years, for which they have recently signed a letter of intent. The Municipality of Amsterdam is also participating in this plan.

The plans are for so-called 'clustered elderly homes', which help to combat loneliness, ensure that elderly people can live independently for longer and are suitable for elderly people who are dependent on care. The regular rental properties that will become available as a result of this will ensure a better flow on the housing market.

It is the ambition of all parties involved to build 2,000 clustered elderly homes in Amsterdam over the next five years. Bouwinvest, Amvest and Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance also share the ambition to:
- adding 125 independent clustered elderly homes in the middle segment;
- Add 125 self-contained clustered elderly homes in the free segment, part of which is intended for rental.

All three parties are IVBN members. Director Frank van Blokland responds to the plans: “In order to contribute to a future-proof living and living climate for the growing group of older people, our members are looking for more construction and development locations. This requires a proactive RO policy from municipalities. With this declaration of intent, the city of Amsterdam is taking important steps forward ”.
Source, Vastgoedjournaal 9 july Kimberly Calu