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Amsterdam largest data center location in Europe

Published on 08-06-2020
Amsterdam is the largest data center location in Europe, according to research by Cushman & Wakefield. On a global level, the capital occupies a seventh position. Important factors in the popularity of Amsterdam as a business location are the strong local access to major cloud services, the extensive and expanding market, the political stability and the absence of earthquakes.

Gnocchi: "Cooperation between operators and the government is very important"

In addition to Amsterdam, the global top ten consists of seven American cities or regions, Singapore (6) and London (10). “Amsterdam is an important and diversified continental business hub that is gaining huge interest from operators in the United States and Europe,” explains Sonny Gnocchi, Amsterdam's European leading position. Gnocchi is a specialist Data Centers at Cushman & Wakefield. "In order to maintain this strong position in the long term, cooperation between operators and the government is very important in order to continue to ensure sufficient capacity on the energy network for these servers," he emphasizes. This energy demand of the data centers is expected to be the greatest challenge for the future.

Rapid changes

Data centers have been transformed from a niche market into a cornerstone of today's information economy, according to Cushman & Wakefield. More than one hundred billion dollars have been invested in this market in the past ten years. “Investors are increasingly looking to invest in data centers because of the growing demand for data storage and connectivity, but also because long-term rental contracts are being concluded in this segment,” said Gnocchi. This stability is important for investors, among other things, because they must be able to estimate the long-term potential in a rapidly changing sector. Cushman & Wakefield expects the top 15 global data center markets to remain highly competitive in the coming years.