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City Amsterdam: Follow the policy: Course 2025

Published on 23-06-2020

Amsterdam is popular and grows with an average of 11,000 inhabitants every year. The Commission wants to make this growth possible, while at the same time relieving pressure on the housing market. The ambition is to enable the construction of 50,000 homes within the city limits by 2025. The places where this can happen can be found in Course 2025, the municipal development strategy for the medium term.

Amsterdam is growing

The Structural Vision 2040 describes the strategy for densification within the city: building within existing urban areas, and densifying and transforming where possible. Densifying the city means not only building more than 5,000 homes a year through 2025, but also developing a liveable city. We want the city to remain affordable and accessible, and the urgency to act is increasing as the city grows. This has been discussed with city districts, urban interest groups and partners in the areas of culture, education, infrastructure and sustainability. These advices have been studied by the college of B and W and have resulted in a development strategy, laid down in Course 2025.

Price 2025

Course 2025 contains the plan of action for the construction of 50,000 houses until 2025, with the strategic choices that go with it. The Amsterdam development strategy mainly focuses on realizing sufficient homes in high-quality, mixed urban environments. The progress of these developments is reported annually in a Progress Report on Space for the City. Parallel to this, a Work Program Space for the City indicates the projects and explorations for the coming year.

Space for the City

Amsterdam is currently growing fast and the development of the city never stands still. This growth raises fundamental questions about what kind of city Amsterdam wants to be in terms of greenery, accessibility, sustainability, economy, social facilities and housing. From the Room for the City program, the municipality investigates these questions and gives direction to projects and policy. A series of thematic meetings was organized on these issues in collaboration with Pakhuis de Zwijger.

The Interim Report on Space for the City was drawn up in 2017, as an interim report of these discussions and the administrative investigations, and in response to 13 motions adopted at Course 2025. The interim report puts the most important questions on the growth of the city on the agenda. and puts possible solutions on the agenda.