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Economic Studies AMA 2018: economy grows, unemployment decreases

Published on 25-06-2018

The economy of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area will grow 3,7% in 2018, according to estimations. In 2019 the growth will be 3,2%. So the economic growth of the metropolitan area is 0,5% higher than the growth in the rest of the Netherlands. Unemployment will shrink from 4,9% of the working population in 2017 to 4% in 2018, and even 3,6% in 2019, according to expectations. The decrease of unemployment is the strongest for lower and medium-skilled workers. This shows how the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area developed strongly after the crisis with a diverse and open economy where big and small companies can flourish.

You can find these facts, figures and predictions in the Economic Studies of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area 2018, presented on the 20th of June. In these studies the newest figures about the economic development in the 33 municipalities of the Metropolitan region are presented, where about 2.5 million people live. With its economic growth rates the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area belongs to the five strongest growing metropolitan area’s in Europe, together with London, Stockholm, Warsaw and Prague.

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