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High sustainability ambition WM Autommaterialen commercial building

Published on 20-07-2020
Half way, July 15, 2020

High sustainability ambition WM Autommaterialen commercial building
First pile new location at PolanenPark, Halfweg

With the striking of the symbolic first pile on July 15, Harm Harmsen of WM Autommaterialen announced the arrival to Halfweg / Haarlemmerliede. Today, together with Patrick Tammes (Trajanus Vastgoed) and Marcel Bisseling (construction company VDR Bouwgroep), work has started on the construction of a particularly sustainable building at PolanenPark business park, a development of Schiphol Area Development Company (SADC). These four parties show that sustainable entrepreneurship is an added value for both people and nature.

All parties have the ambition to deliver the approximately 2,500 m2 industrial hall with office on the 6,000 m2 plot in January 2021 with the BREEAM-NL Excellent certificate. At this BREEAM level, an ecological assessment of the location also takes place and measures are taken to stimulate the ecological diversity of the location. VDR Bouwgroep from Deventer has taken on the responsibility to translate the complex guidelines from this sustainability certificate into all facets of the construction process.

Trajanus Vastgoed B.V. from Nijmegen invests in and develops commercial and commercial real estate. Working throughout the Netherlands and Germany, based on long-term leases with solvent tenants, commercially responsible locations and high-quality buildings. In addition to project development, the company has extensive experience in the acquisition, management, purchase and sale, rental, rental and exploitation of real estate. The new development at PolanenPark is yet another nice broadening in the collaboration between Trajanus Vastgoed and WM Autommaterialen.

WM Autommaterialen is a wholesaler for garage owners of parts and accessories for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The German company has 250 locations in 7 countries, 6,700 employees and 250,000 items in stock. In the Netherlands they are located in Utrecht, Zwolle, Arnhem, Wijchen and Lochem. And by 2021 also in Halfweg. From this new location, the company can serve their customers in the North Holland region. About 30 employees will eventually work at the new location.
The company with an annual turnover of € 1.5 billion is growing fast. More new branches in the Netherlands will follow.

From sketch design to realization, VDR Bouwgroep is fully involved in the development of this project according to BREEAM-NL Excellent certification, from Trajanus Vastgoed. The building will have a modern look with a multifunctional layout of industrial hall and office. The facade, an aluminum facade frame, seamlessly matches the environment. A high degree of sustainability is achieved by reducing energy consumption through a combination of measures that limit energy loss, such as high insulation values ​​for the thermal shell. Furthermore, installations are used that generate energy in a sustainable manner and installations that are very energy efficient. Think of a heat pump VRF system in the office and balance ventilation with HRV for a healthy indoor climate in the office spaces. The charging points for electric cars are accessible to both staff and visitors and are powered by sustainable energy generated by solar panels. Because of all these measures, the building fits perfectly with SADC's sustainability ambitions.