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Highlighted area: Zaanstad Midden

Published on 28-05-2019

Zaanstad Midden description


The quarter 'Kogerveldwijk' is growing. In the time coming around 2.000 till 2.500 extra houses will be built. This means new inhabitants with new wishes. But there is also an opportunity to elaborate the wishes of the current inhabitants.

To facilitate the growth of the quarter in the most optimal way, the municipality, in commission of the city council, cooperates with the inhabitants on a future vision for the quarter.



The Oostzijderveld (also known as VVZ-terrain) in Zaandam-Noord measures about 4.7 ha and is situated between station Zaandam Kogerveld, the fire station and the A7 motorway. For several years, nothing has been done with the terrain.

Now building plans for new houses are being created. The developers  of the VVZ-terrain are 'Ontwikkeladviseur BV' (develop advisor) and Timpaan. 

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