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House price in 2019 increased by 7.2% to € 308,000

Published on 06-02-2020
In 2019, buyers paid an average of € 308,000 for their owner-occupied home, which is 7.2% more than in 2018. In 2017 and 2018, prices rose by 8% and 9% even more. Up to and including November there was a backlog in the number of transactions. However, this was eliminated by the peak month of December. The number of transactions amounted to 218,595 items, a few dozen more than last year. This is the conclusion of a study by

Homes are currently 20% more expensive than in 2008. Compared to the low point of the crisis in 2013, prices have gone up by 44%. In 1995, an owner-occupied home cost less than € 100,000 on average. Prices have increased by 230% in 25 years.

Number of transactions unchanged
Most forecasters expected a decrease in the number of home sales before 2019. This seemed to be the case until November. The backlog was then 1.6%. However, with more than 3,100 (16%) more transactions in December, the backlog was cleared in one fell swoop. Although the transaction level is 10% below the peak year of 2017, it is almost double the crisis year of 2013.

Transactions by housing types
A third of all homes sold are terraced houses. Apartments make up 25% of the market. The other housing types each between 10 and 15%. Fewer apartments have been sold in the last two years. The other housing types remain fairly stable.

Apartments have risen most in price over the past year, over 10%. The other housing types do not differ so much from each other, detached houses rose the least with 6.1%.

Purchase price per province
 Buyers in Groningen are the cheapest, in 2019 an average of € 219,000 will be paid. In Noord-Holland the purchase price is well on its way to the € 400,000. The differences per province are, as usual, very large. We see the largest increase in purchase in Zeeland (+ 10%). In Flevoland and Drenthe the increase is limited to 5.9%.

Transactions fell in half provinces, and an increase in the other half
 In North Brabant, 3.3% fewer homes were sold this year. Buyers were also slightly less active in Overijssel, Zeeland, South Holland, Drenthe and Limburg. The other provinces show an increase from 0.2% to no less than 10% in Flevoland.

At the regional level, the average purchase price has risen most in the Groot Rijnmond, Schouwen-Duivenland Tholen and Zaanstad regions. Here the average purchase price increased by around 11%. In the North (Groningen) and North-West Overijssel region, the price increases by 3%. The Venray region stands out with a decrease of 17% in transaction development. In Flevoland and Regio Noord (Groningen), 10% more homes were sold.
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