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Lex Brans appointed as construction ambassador for North Holland

Published on 28-08-2020
The province of Noord-Holland has appointed Lex Brans as construction ambassador. He must help municipalities, construction companies, investors, developers and corporations to accelerate housing production in places where the need is greatest.

About 230,000 homes will be built in North Holland by 2040. These must be affordable, durable and easily accessible. “It is not just about building fast, but building the right homes quickly at the right locations,” said Deputy Cees Loggen (Spatial Planning and Housing). “For example, we have to ensure that our teachers and care workers can find a home near their work and that the infrastructure is properly organized for new construction projects. A big task, one that has to be worked on with all the might. ”

The growth of the housing stock, especially in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA), lags behind the growth in the number of households. Because quite a few housing projects are planned, it is necessary to identify bottlenecks and resolve them together with municipalities, developers, construction organizations and corporations. The province wants to get all possible solutions to the fore and accelerate with creativity and customization. The construction ambassador advises and drives this process.

The province has chosen Brans because of its extensive experience and network. He has proven himself as an active connector who works on an environment where people enjoy living, working and recreation. He also has a lot of knowledge about the investment and construction sector. Within the MRA, Brans is already committed to accelerating housing construction and will continue to do so. Because acceleration is also important in the areas outside the Metropolitan Area, Brans will work as a construction ambassador for the entire province.