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North of Amsterdam: IJplein / Vogelbuurt: renewal

Published on 08-10-2020
Renew and improve
We invest extra in IJplein / Vogelbuurt. Together with residents, entrepreneurs and other partners, we look at what could be improved in the neighborhood and make plans.

Many streets and squares in the Vogelbuurt are in need of maintenance. And there is little green. The refurbishment of the public outdoor space is therefore the main objective.

For the past 2 years we have therefore been busy renewing and refurbishing the squares. Such as Spreeuwenpark, Koekoeksplein and the square at community center De Valk. When renewing the squares, we will also place more plants and trees, if there is room for them. In the coming period we will renovate the Pluvierplein.

There are 2 main roads through the area: Johan van Hasseltweg and Meeuwenlaan. These are the main entrances and exits of the district for car traffic. In the future, these roads will be busier, because they are both located on the new Hamerkwartier to be built. We are therefore making plans to maintain the quality of life around these roads and the flow in the area.

IJplein / Vogelbuurt consists of the neighborhoods IJplein, Vogelbuurt and Vogeldorp.

This neighborhood is located in Amsterdam Oud-Noord on the IJ and east of the Noordhollandsch Kanaal. The neighborhood runs to the Vliegenbos. Northwest of it is the Noorderpark.

In the past year, together with residents, entrepreneurs and other partners, we have investigated what could be improved in the neighborhood. We have collected all these ideas and plans in a document we call Opportunity Exploration.

We would like to tell you what it says during an information meeting on 12 March.

If the Municipal Executive approves it in 2020, we can start working out the plans in 2021.