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NOVI is getting closer, the government will participate in decisions about the use of space

Published on 14-09-2020
With the National Environmental Vision (NOVI), the government is directing the major challenges that will radically change the design of our country in the coming thirty years. Think of building approximately 1 million new homes, space for renewable energy generation, adaptation to a changing climate, development of a circular economy and conversion to circular agriculture. The NOVI was sent to the Lower House on 11 September 2020.

Minister Ollongren: “The National Environmental Vision is about the question of how we can continue to make the best possible use of the available space in the Netherlands tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. In doing so, we must take into account the construction of many new homes, good accessibility and the energy transition. That will only work if we do it together. The government takes the lead, but we then shape them together with provinces, cities and social organizations. ”

Develop residential construction locations in Stedelijk Netwerk Nederland
The NOVI focuses on the development of the Stedelijk Netwerk Nederland; an easily accessible network of cities and regions with an attractive business climate. Not only focused on the Randstad, but on the potential of the whole of the Netherlands. Based on the ambitions and possibilities of our cities and regions. The locations will be developed as much as possible within an existing urbanized area. This to strengthen the agglomeration power, accessibility and preservation of the open landscape. Fourteen areas have been identified where central government, together with other authorities, wants to take more control over large-scale housing and accessibility. For example, various areas in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, Utrecht Metropolitan Area, Southern Randstad, Groningen and Eindhoven and the railway zones in Zwolle and Nijmegen.
In order to initiate and maintain housing construction, the Cabinet will propose an additional package of measures so that the construction of affordable homes in a high-quality living environment at various locations can be accelerated. Additional capacity and expertise will also become available to speed up the procedures for area development and housing construction. Where relevant, this expertise is also used for the NOVI areas.

Tackling urgent tasks in NOVI areas
Eight preliminary NOVI areas have been designated to address various urgent tasks for areas in an integrated manner. These are areas where various large, complex tasks are at stake. This includes the port areas of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Work is being done here on opportunities for low-CO2 activities, combinations of port activity, sustainable energy generation, housing and nature. In the rural areas of De Peel and the Groene Hart, it is a question of careful implementation of complex tasks, such as water management and future-proof development of agriculture. In the regions of Groningen and Zwolle, the main issue is the approach to energy and climate transition in relation to urbanization. South Limburg and the Zeeland-Flemish Canal Zone are also NOVI areas for the time being. Here, together with central government, cross-border opportunities for the economy, housing and sustainability are exploited.
Execution NOVI
An implementation agenda is presented together with the NOVI. It describes how central government, together with all relevant authorities and other parties, will implement the National Environmental Vision. For example: Energy Main Structure Program, Healthy Living Environment Program and the National Rural Area Program. The translation of the NOVI to regional approaches is described in Environmental agendas and regional urbanization strategies. Every four years, an overview is made of the developments, the progress of the implementation and whether changes in policy and approach are necessary.
Source: Vastgoedjournaal 14th of september by Kimberly Camu