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Rotterdam starts trial flex living

Published on 05-03-2020
Rotterdam is starting a test for flexible living to better meet the demand for housing. This results in an increase of 700 to 1000 homes throughout the city. Flex houses are houses that are placed for a maximum of 15 years. The first temporary homes will be located at De Kroon in Schiehaven and in Hoogvliet Noord West. The construction is planned for 2020.
“We are also seeing a rise in demand for temporary housing in Rotterdam. The reasons for this include the increase in the number of temporary employment contracts, fluctuating numbers of status holders and the growing pressure on the housing market, making it less easy for urgent seekers and young people to find a home quickly, ”says Alderman Bas Kurvers (Building and Living).

Wide range of target groups
Not all locations are suitable or interesting for all target groups. For each location, therefore, the municipality will look at the target group and the type of housing that suits it. The starting point is that a balanced mix of residents is created who can support each other where necessary and can (re) integrate more quickly. ,, In Rotterdam we want to be able to offer everyone a home, also people who are looking for a home as a step or intermediate step to a permanent home. These flex houses are a solution for students, young teachers and police officers. But it is also a first step towards a permanent home for young status holders, young people with a low income or young people who leave a reception situation. Temporary living can also be a short-term solution for people who need temporary living space in their current neighborhood due to renovation or divorce, ”says Alderman Kurvers.
Temporary housing locations
Two locations in Schiehaven and Hoogvliet have been selected based on a number of criteria. For example, good accessibility, sufficient facilities in the area and area plans were examined. In both cases, the land is owned by the municipality and the number of temporary homes that can be placed exactly is being considered. In the short term, it is also being examined whether it is possible to allow temporary housing in Hillegersberg, Hoek van Holland, Feijenoord and Vreewijk. Start construction at these locations are planned for 2021.

Build, build, build
Rotterdam is working hard to build a house for every Rotterdam resident. The building assignment is large. That is why the municipality is trying to speed up construction. For example, agreements are made with market parties in the construction agreement whereby legal obstacles are removed that unnecessarily delay construction. Rules of thumb have also been drawn up for each area to help initiators roll out their plans much faster.
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