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View on XPlore, new expansion of Holland Park, Amsterdam

Published on 26-10-2020
Xplore is the name for the new residential area on the west side of the successful new Holland Park district in Diemen. This video from BouwWoonLeef contains a virtual journey through the new neighborhood and conversations with the developers.

The plan consists of 706 homes, of which 212 social rental homes and 170 medium-priced rental homes. That is an important change of course. So far, no social rental housing has been developed in Holland Park. Xplore also has space for 1,500m2 of facilities. Certainly of this is the construction of a community school for about 700 primary school students, a daycare center and a playgroup. The neighborhood will have four green residential courtyards and will be completely car-free.

Holland Park

Xplore is part of the larger Holland Park area development, the former Bergwijkpark-Noord business park, where a total of around 5,000 homes are being built. The first part has been realized according to an urban development plan by Sjoerd Soeters. Also part of the area is Campus Diemen Zuidoost.

Xplore has to build a bridge between Diemen and Amsterdam Zuidoost. In this video from BWL, developer Corine Dikkers explains how this connection has been given a place in the design. About the green residential courtyards: “Because these openings focus on the edges of the neighborhood, it is also an area that very much invites people from outside the neighborhood to use the facilities in the neighborhood.” Architect Arne J. Lijbers is pleased that a lot of green outdoor space is being realized in the district. 'The greenery really has to become a place to stay.' Another facility is a primary school. "It also has a cross-district function." The school must become a place where both newcomers and Southeast children can go. In addition, according to Lijbers, buildings are built for everyone. "The idea is that it will be a very mixed neighborhood, both in terms of residents and segments. We have social rent, middle rent and free sector. "

Source: 26th of october 2020